Friday, January 2, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 12


Welcome to our first Sneak Peek of the new year.
We hope you all have a great holiday break these past few week we sure did.
We are excited to get our creative wheels working again.

Please join us tomorrow for our First Challenge of 2009.

We promise you that this movie is just pure fun!!!

Happy New Year Hugs!
Brooke and Sankari


Cassie said...

You two are making this harder and harder! I'm terrible at guessing this stuff, but it looks like the under side of a boardwalk (maybe). "Beaches" is the only one I can think of right off the top of my head. I'll have to think on this one!

Ann said... girls are getting good at this! No guesses yet... ;)

Arielle H Gordon said...

Happy New Year everyone!!! My guesses this week are

1 - Astronaut Farmer
2 - Second Hand Lions
3 - Color Purple

Sankari W. said...

Wow - you guys have great guesses -- and those are really fun movies!!!

i have to tell you something - i am just so excited about this movie - seriously!!!

i have heard about it for a long time - but never had a chance to watch it till last night! (its been so busy around here - so you can guess what card i will be making today! sheesh - talk about last minute!!)

but seriously - this movie is just awesome and fantastic! I cannot wait to get to my craft table after work today!

and cannot wait to see all of your awesome creations for this one!!

happy new year to you all!! you guys are the best!!!

Sam said...'ve got me completely stumped!

It actually looks pretty scary to me, and you don't want to know what movie popped into my head at first. It is one of those movies that I NEVER want to see again, and can't think why I went and saw it in the first place IYKWIM? I think I have actually subconsciously buried it because I can't even think of the name of it right now (but that could also be a lack of sleep ;-).

Once I read Cassie's suggestion about a boardwalk I immediately thought of Baywatch....hmmmmmmmmm, maybe they made a movie...hehehehehehe (obviously I am lacking a LOT of sleep)! I'm fully aware that Baywatch is soooooo NOT CSCC style...but you wanted to know what popped into our heads, right!!! ;-).

I'd better go now I think...I'm just embarrassing myself now....;-).
Thanks for the challenge though. I'll think about it today!

Have a great day,

Sankari W. said...

Sam - you are too cute!! Nope - nothing scary - just absolute fun!!!

Anthonette said...

It's wood beams and light shining through....I have NO idea! It's so hard to guess this one.

Sam said...

That's a great name for a movie though Anthonette!

'Wood Beams and Light Shining Through' a fun family drama starring Keanu Reeves (the wood beams...sorry for any offense I might cause..he is not a favourite of mine) and Drew Barrymore (the light shining through).....I am going to have to work on the screenplay the moment I am not sure where it is going to go, but I can see a gold mine in the desert, lots of cacti and a rickety shed nearby. Anyone want to finance this adventure with me? ;-)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too little sleep!


Sankari W. said...

That is hilarious!!! A movie called:

"Wood Beams and the Light Shining Thru"

It might read a little something like this:

A romantic comedy starring Keeanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore. This light hearted romance is full of surprises, love and of course wood. A tale of what would have been - of a would be woodmaker, whose life changes after he meets a lighthearted damsel in distress in the woods behind his woodmaking shop. Bask in the light of their romance!

Ok -- i am with you -- i too have had waaaaaaaaaay to little sleep! totally love all of your guesses!!!

Tethered2Home said...

Okay, So, NOT scary, that rules out kid in 'Sleepy Hollow' hiding.

Um, there's a seen in 'Stand by Me' where the kid is under the porch digging for pennies, eavesdropping on his brother?

It has a Indiana Jones/Stephen Spielberg lighting to it, no?

I'm at a loss and now I'm off to sit with DH and watch his Christmas gift ... (night two of goodness knows how many disks to this DVD set), "Band of Brothers" war series ... arrrr arrr arrrr manly!


Sam said...

LOL Sankari...let's do it. We could be movie producers any day!

Is absolute fun a clue? Is it a comedy? I still can't think of anything likely. I keep thinking mystery......something like Scooby Doo, or Nancy Drew (oh...that rhymes....:-). Maybe Back to the Future (the one where they are in the Wild West....)...but they don't seem like likely choices either. I agree with Amy...Indiana Jones is a maybe!

Still thinking here...and my head is hurting now.


Sankari W. said...

it's true... "absolute fun" is a total clue!

and I will become a co-producer with you any day Sam!!! hope your head feels better! Off to do create something ;)

i think i drank a mite too many chai's in a row :) slightly wired now

(ps - sam - we should send Keeanu and Drew our script!!! )

Ann said...

I don't know why this popped into my head, but I started thinking about "The Goonies." We should do that movie some week. ;)

Sankari W. said...

Ahhh another classic! Love the Goonies! man that brings my childhood roaring back!! I was a corey haim/coreyfeldman fan :)

Sam said...

I say do it Sankari! Send it to them for sure! Who knows.....we could even ask Drew to Produce it..she does that doesn't she? We could do product placement in the scenes too.

Maybe Drew could be a cardmaking/crafting shining light with a big craft studio left to her by her talented mother, and she needs wooden cabinets made for all her punches and stamp etc and she is lamenting the lack of reliable craftsmen in those woods when Keanu stumbles into the picture...literally.

Oooh, I had another thought...Pirates of the of them...maybe.

Or Forrest Gump? As you can see...I'm just taking pot shots in the dark here.

Absolute fun eh? Are you gonna give us any more eensy teensy clues Sankari? You know you WANT too ;-).


Sankari W. said...

I know....i totalllllllly want to!!!

hmm.... one teensy clue??? hmmm.... all my clue ideas are not teensy... they are huge-sy! ;) that's why Brooke is so good at the sneak peeks...i would just give away the whole thing :)

Sam - just totally cracking up at your comment...! esp of her craft room and wood cabinet punches.....LOL!

Ann said...

Okay, you two...time. for. bed. You are being so silly, but it's cracking me up! ;)

Sankari W. said...

i know Ann! it's true! what am I still doing up???!!! I should have stopped after two chai's.....

i think that for sam though, its dayLIGHT over there,... right :)

ok ok -- i am off to finish something :)

this has been so much fun!!!!

see you all in a few hours!!!

Sam said...

Its only 5pm on Sat arvo over here....I'm only STARTING to be silly Ann!!!! :-).

I'm so sad you guys have to go to bed'll be no fun talking to myself over here...I do that all the time ;-).

Looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow. Wish I could have another itty bitty clue to keep me company though...just a weeny little one...maybe an actor involved in the movie...or a place....or a little crumb...pwettty pweeese Sankari?!

Hope you got your project finished Sankari. Can't wait to see it :-).


Sankari W. said...

awww Sam - you are tooooo cute!!!....

ok -- hmm... (realize that I am so not good at this!) but a teeny teeny clue would be....

think the opposite of winter!

there - did I say too much??!

maybe i said too much...!

i am so bad at giving clues...

and as for finishing... i just totally crapped that project.. off to start something totally different :)

love it when you love doing something... time seems to fly ...

Sam said...

SUMMER!? Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Thanks Sankari...that'll keep me going for at least the next hour.

Things we KNOW so far:

Absolute fun = maybe a comedy
Opposite of winter = Summer or hot
and at least one shot which appears to be taken under wood beams with light shining through = boardwalk (beach?) or rickety shack..somewhere.

Hmmmmmm...what about the crazy movie where some dude died and they tried to make everyone believe he was still alive..there was even a sequel if my memory serves me correctly...but I'm thinking it is not your style at all. Weekend at Bernie's or something like that.

Lets assume it is at a beach...could we assume that Sankari? Could you say that the bottom of the sneak peek would show sand?

Then we'd have:

Absolute fun
opposite of winter
under a boardwalk at the beach!

Yeah...that's really narrowed it down for me...NOT.

I'm gonna have to go ponder it some more while I water my camellias.

Sorry your project didn't come together......fingers crossed the next one works out for you.


Sam said...

oooooooh......brainwave...Grease? Surely there might have been an under the pier scene in that.....when John saved our Liv? Surely?


Sankari W. said...

not a boardwalk...

and no beach under it....

but there is a beach in the movie....

hmm... sam - i think its just you and me here... everyone else has gone to bed!!!

okay --- off to start project 2 :)

Sam said...

Not at the beach! It so looked like the underside of a pier. So a shack or an old basement (not sounding like too much fun really).

I won't distract you any more must be way past your bed time......and I want you to get your project done too!

I'll go and ponder the clues some more.

Sankari W. said...

Grease would be an awesome guess... but we already did that one... i think it was number 5 or 6... LOve that scene by the beach with J.T and Liv!!! so sad what happened to his son.... :( love Grease!

Sankari W. said...

Alright my dear Sam!!! I am off to project land!!! YoU are tooooo cute!!

lots of hugs from across the way!!
Sankari :)

Brooke S said...

YA ME!!!! I have really enjoyed all the chatting about the sneak peek! This is the first time I have had to check we got back so late tonight from watching our UTAH UTES Win the BIG championship game over Alabama!!! Great Game.. Any who.... I know you are all going to love the movie!!! We went to this movie for my DH's birthday per-his request when it came out.. My Little DD want's desperately to watch but not so much a kids show...

Can't wait until tomorrow I mean later today (he,he)

Sankari W. said...

hey brooke!!! yay!!!

hey - call me if you are still up --- i know -- i can't believe i am still up!!! Ka-ra-zy!!! anyhoo -- i am having a ball, myself and i !! :)

glad you had fun!!

this has been the "fun-nest" sneak peek talk!!!

xo to all!!
sankari :)

Sam said...

Time to go to bed Sankari! :-).

I'm such a goose.....I knew Grease had been done before....told you I would only get sillier!

Still no new ideas from my end, and now its dinner time. Still thinking though.

Sweet dreams girls,

Sankari W. said...

finally off to bed too-- phew!!

see you in a few hours!! ye gads!!!

sweet dreams!!!

Carol Dunstan said...

admittedly I haven't spent too much time thinking about this, but the sneak peek has a rustic feel to it. That said, "summer" had me thinking of Grease as well, thankfully it's not a rerun, LOL. The next thing that comes to mind, that is "fun", has summer and beach is Summer Holiday (the Cliff Richard one). Other than that, I am stumped. I really can't remember much of Summer Holiday other than them singing the title song on the bus, so no idea if there is something like the sneak in it. Oh wait, one other thing that comes to mind, but doesn't seem old enough, is Mama Mia!

Carol Dunstan said...

ok, another thought has come to me, though I haven't actually seen this movie in it's entirety... Footloose?