Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #14- Fellowship of the Ring

Yea!! What a great night of guessing the
sneak peeks for this movie (if you missed our conversation - check it out here!!). This week we are proud to present: the first movie of the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. This is the first volume of the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein (published in 1954) - you can read all about the history of this trilogy and the first volume on Wikipedia. These three books were translated to the silver screen and the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, directed by Peter Jackson, was released December 2001. According to Wikipedia, the American Film Institute has rated this 5 time winning BAFTA award winning movie, one of the greatest films in American movies.
Among other things - the books and the movies have quite a following of fans! Part of it is the amazing and wonderous world that Tolkien created. J.R.R Tolkien is really amazing - he was familiar with more than 20 languages and created his own languages for the different races of hobbits, elves, dwares and men in the Lord of the Rings. Check out this amazing writer (donned one of the 50 most influential British writers of all time) at the Tolkien Society.
The movies created for the trilogy really capture such detail and honor the details of this amazing world that Tolkien envisioned. If you haven't seen it yet - we would recommend the extended version for each of the movies -because it has scenes that had to be cut from the theatrical debut (for time reasons) and also because of all the amazing special features that showcases how the artists, actors, director, producers, set designers, cast and crew all worked - and takes you into their creative process and genius. We hope you enjoy this week's Cinema pick and have a chance to see it, if you haven't already!! (although be warned that if you see one, you are going to want to see the next two !!!)

This week we have a special guest designer!! Carol Dunstan of Inkantations and Inkarnations!! Carol is an amazing artiste with a great eye for detail, beauty and elegance in all her works. She is an avid fan of LOTR and we were thrilled that she would be our guest designer for this movie! Carol has continued to amaze me this week - she has created 6 cards for this challenge! YES - SIX cards!!!! So what we thought that we would do is showcase one of them each day! SO, make sure that you come back to our post everyday - to see what Carol's next creation is !!!

Sankari's Fellowship of the Ring Card/Project

First of all - I am just so darn excited about this week's movie. I have read Tolkien's books since I was 14 - and I used to read the trilogy, the Hobbit and other's at least once a year, since I was 14 (although thinks made a lot more sense after the age of 20 :) I just watched this movie again for the card inspiration - and fell in love with it all over again - all the details, all the beauty, the landscape, the music, the magic and the "fellowship" just totally made my heart sing - and I was spinning in all the possibilities of inspiration for this movie!

Second of all, I have to thank Carol for sending me the link for this idea. I was running out of mojo :) and so when I asked Carol if she had any ideas to spare - she sent me this link for Lembas bread. I originally was going to do another project (actually was working on it last night - when at some point I scrapped it because it wasn't coming out like it was in my brain - and so I turned to the next project I had in mind was to create a lembas card holder with a little note.
According to Tolkien, Lembas is a special bread created by the Elves that gave to the fellowship for immediate energy, lightness and nourishment. The are little like breadcakes, wrapped in a special leaf - in this way they last for months. When the Fellowship left the forest belonging to the Lady of the Wood, they were given gifts for their journey onward - among them was Lembas bread. This part of the movie is seen in the Extended Edition of the movie (not seen in the theatrical debut of the movie).

I looked up the Elvish words for Friendship, Love and Loyalty and then printed them out adhered it one side with the english translation on the other side. The font that I used to print it out in english is an Elven font. Within that note - you can pull up a smaller greeting in the Elven tongue (Quenya - that Tolkien created) that says Elen sila lumenn' omentielv: and is translated as : "A star shines on the hour of our meeting." I thought that the theme of friendship, love and loyalty just surrounds this movie. I really loved doing this project and loved IMing Carol through the night talking about this, that and FOTR :)
And lastly - I just want to thank all of you for posting your comment guesses and for all your sweet words - you guys are really the best!!! If you would like more detail of the card - You can read more see more pics (!) and details on my blog.

I had a ton of fun making this card!
Best wishes to all,
Sankari :)

Brooke's Late Additions~

1st card~ "The Ring"
2nd card~ The choices we make"
3rd  card "Friendship"
I had an amazing time creating all these cards and learning more about J.R.R. Tokien.
Have fun creating your LOTR creations..
Hobbit Hugs

Carol's Fellowship of the Ring Card (#1)

Firstly I have to say I was so dang surprised, chuffed and excited when I was asked to be guest designer for this week’s movie. I am a huge fan - I done the convention and costume thing, my ringtone is LOTR related, there are multiple things throughout the house that are LOTR related… you get the picture. I have been literally bouncing, and randomly giggling to myself all week as another idea pops into my head. Initially I couldn’t think where to start, and then I realised that starting wasn’t the problem… the problem would be stopping! Anyway, when I really thought about the one main thing that I wanted to focus on for this movie, it was the hobbits. Particularly their homey nature and fun-loving ways despite everything that is going on. While there is that undercurrent of trouble through the early part of Fellowship, it’s still largely fun times with Gandalf’s arrival and Bilbo’s party, so I kind of went with those. I had two main ideas in my head: the Party Tree and Bilbo’s door. I decided to combine them. So we kind of have a framed picture of the tree hanging on the front of Bilbo’s door, brass doorknob and all, along with the birthday banner. The tree and frame was simple enough, I had to dig around for a “brass” brad large enough for the proportion, and for the banner I printed that out from my computer (I have like 10 LOTR fonts, this one is ‘Hobbiton Brush Hand’). In the movie the banner has some green swirls around the writing, but I chose to move those to the bottom of the door. For me, LOTR is where I really fell in love with all those swirly sorts of patterns.

Being such a huge fan of these films, and knowing the incredible about of work and detail that went into making them, I felt I too had to put some work into this card that wouldn’t be initially obvious… so inside the card you have the hinge. I’m trying to be less anal and ignore the fact that my door opens on the wrong side and opens out rather than in as Bilbo’s does…



Posted for Sunday: The RingBearer Card - Inspired by Frodo and is halfling size

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Posted on Monday - Gandalf the Grey card (second member of the Fellowship)

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Posted on Monday Evening: Strider/Aragorn Card (3rd Member of the Fellowship)

Posted on Tuesday Evening: Boromir Card (Member of the Fellowship)

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Posted on Wednesday Evening: Arwen inspired card

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Posted on Friday Morning:  Two more Arwen inspired cards

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SO are you ready to play along!!!! Come on and join us!!!

Here are the rules:

Create a card or scrapbook layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie : Fellowship fo the Ring (it can be inspired from the movie jacket, the characters, the dialogue, the music, the costumes, the themes --- ANYTHING reallY!!) and then link your creation to us by commenting on this post. If you are using SplitCoast please use the KeyWord: CSCC#14 and if using PaperCraftPlanet - please use the Key Word - cinemasaturday (all in lowercase and all one word!!!)

Link your creation anytime from now until Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 9pm PST!

Also, don't forget to check the Audrey recipient on the previous post for last week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge: Mama Mia. Thank you to everyone who visits us and for all those who play along !!! We love hearing your guesses and visiting you on your blog!!!

Thank you so much Carol for being our Guest Designer this week!! We can't wait to see all your creations inspired by Fellowship of the Ring in one place!!!! (I have gotten some sneak peeks - and they are fabulous!! - speaking of which scroll down to see the full pictures from the sneak peeks of yesterday!!!)

With lots of hugs and smiles to all:
Sankari and Brooke


Sankari W. said...

Carol! LOVE the door - totally cracking up about wanting the door to go in! That is the cutest hobbit door that I have ever seen! Love how you scored the inside and outside to give the "beams" look - beautiful swirls and I love that you did the party tree for the birthday card - I love Bibo standing under the party tree for his eleventy-first bday celebration! LOVE IT ALL!!!

Thank you Carol for being our Guest designer this week!!!

Hugs, smiles and a big cup of Chai Latte!!! woo-hoo!!
Sankari :)

Carol Dunstan said...

SQUEEE! love your Mallorn leaf Sankari! Man this week has been fun... and I get to have another week of it? Woo-hoo! Can't wait to see everyone's creations :D

Sam said...

Gobsmacked! Lost for words!!

Love, love, LOVE your creations girls!

Sankari your Lembas Bread leaf holder (I'm guessing Carol knows exactly what she is talking about Mallorn leaf) looks like it is REAL! My first thought was how on EARTH did she do that. I should have thought how on Middle Earth did she do that!

It is fabulous, and SUCH a wonderful idea.

Carol. Your Hobbit birthday door is amazing. So many wonderful details. I checked your blog too and WOW...your Legolas card from last year is beautiful too! I wanted to reach out and stroke it (and that was nothing to do with the fact that it was Orlando's shirt ;-).

I will be stalking your blog and CSCC for your next reveals!!!

Best wishes girls,

Sankari W. said...

LMAO about wanting to stroke Carol's Legolas card (and how that doesn't have to do with Orlando Bloom!! haha!!)

and totally cracking up about - "how on Middle Earth..."!!!

do you know that I have been walking around all week saying that very expression - how on Middle Earth....!!!

xo you girls are fantastic!!!

Sankari W. said...

I don't know if you all saw - but this post with our cards was nominated on Susanna Boyd's Card of the Week!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!

Carol Dunstan said...

Cool! Must go check it out!

(PS... you'll never guess... I am working on another card!)

Sankari W. said...

CAROL!!!! WHAT!!!! Can't wait to see these creations!!

Carol Dunstan said...

can't believe I just had to give my card a shave! The foot hair was getting in the way...

Anyway, I'm off to have my second breakfast, hoping to see some creations when I return :)

Brooke S said...

Ok!!! So how am I ever going to make a card after seeing the cards form the both of you!! Dang! Sorry mine is not done yet.. I was out of control busy yesterday and had to teach a Valentines day stamp club this morning.. As I was Sankari and Carol last night I was telling them how lame I am because I haven't had time to take down my Christmas decorations and yet I am having a Christmas class.. At least the house was clean... And my prince charming took the kids sledding and to my parents for a party... So I didn't have to have all the kids home.. He is the best!!

I had better get cracking with all the cards carol has made I might not have any ideas left.. You ROCK carol!!!

Happy Saturday !

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make a card after seeing your girls awesome creations? Wow, really, wow.

Here's mine: Elf Human Love

Thanks again for so much fun with the Sneak Peek & the Weekly Inspiration.


Cassie said...

Woo Hoo! I have seen the movies, but I saw them out of order! I know, I know...I just got done digging through boxes of my movies, and I have this one!! This is the only one that I have!!! I'm so excited. I've got some cinnamon rolls in the oven now, and when they are finished...It is on like Kong! I am going to wrap myself up, and watch it! (again)!

Carol Dunstan said...

I've posted another card on my blog, this one is character inspired :)

CSCC 14 part 2

Ophthalmologist said...

Wow, Sankari, what a great idea with this Lembas Bread card holder! And what a great idea, Carol, to use this wonderful scroll door hinge! You just blow me away!!
I'm not sure if I can manage to create something - I just watched the movie, but am still lacking the right inspiration... Going on thinking about it!

Jaimee said...

May It Be

hi this is my first blog challenge entry so i hope i posted it right?

Carol i LOVE your cards they are great; also love the lembas bread one too so clever.

My card is inspired by Elronds costume and the theme song


Carol Dunstan said...

I've been fighting with Blogger, I think this ended up going live much earlier than I intended but no biggie... I have a card up for Gandalf now

CSCC #14 part 3

Yay Jaimee!

Carol Dunstan said...

I've now added an Aragorn inspired card to my blog

part 4

Carol Dunstan said...

the broken record is back... as Sankari has addeded in the post, I have created a card for Boromir. I've also just posted a card for Arwen.

Brooke S said...

I posted my cards... LONG version on my blog.

Hobbit Hugs

Carol Dunstan said...

My part 7 is up on my blog now

Anthonette said...

Oh man...I posted my card on the wrong entry. Here it is:
Here's mine:

Libby Hickson said...

I just love all of your cards this week!! That leaf holder is AMAZING!! I've been wanting to play your challenges for ages now - I'm so happy that I FINALLY got to - although I guess I am late, darn it!! Hopefully next week I'll get it done sooner! My card is completely silly, but I had fun with it. Thanks for the super fun inspiration!!